Serious Awakening And
Activation Of The Godself


How serious are you really about the awakening and activation of your own Godself, your own Real Self on the Divine supracausal level of Being?  Your intellect functioning through your physical brain may try to come up with the required seriousness through reading books, forming theories and concocting spiritual exercises, which it tries to follow through habituating itself in various studies and practices, but this pseudo-independent self-enclosed brain approach tends to lack the arousal and unfolding of the Kundalini Shakti, the quantum energy in the physical body, that only happens when higher seriousness is awakening in your own Godself.  Your head-trips and ego-trips about all this are not good enough, not serious enough; they lack the kind of Spirit aspiration, initiative and intent that can get the job done.  What is not started and pursued from the Spirit, the Godself, level of your being cannot arrive there or develop the Divine Powers.


Are you giving your fullest attention to this crucial issue in the core of your being?  There is your primary Being, the Host or Self-nature, and there is your secondary being, the Guest or worldly false self, the causal intellect, emotional mind and troubled brain.  There is your Cosmic Self and your Social Self.  There is Shivatma, Godself, and there is Jeevatma, the ego that lives, dies and gets reborn again and again.  So, you should make yourself be totally alert and awake about the necessary higher level of serious aspiration, questioning, search and self-realizing initiative, will-power, liberation and self-awakening, as well as Divine empowerment.  If you try to make do with your usual attempts at spirituality, self-improvement and higher development, it is not going to work.  Nothing less than a Divine effort from and within your Godself will awaken, activate and empower Godself as genuine Self-discovery and Self-realization.


Now, if you have really been following all this, can we say you are truly serious about spirituality?  Do you understand that the very term means of-the-Spirit, and the Spirit is Atman, Purusha, Shivatma, Godself?  It is about far more than controlled dreaming, healing or trying to help or counsel others as a clairvoyant or self-styled wise one.  And it is certainly beyond your little book-reading or self-enclosed meditation efforts, which lack higher awareness and higher energy.  How can there be higher awareness and higher energy when you are nothing but a false self, an outer physical or mental ego of neurotic pseudo-spiritual hobbies and inner confusion?  Do you see what you are really like so far in your so-called “spiritual” interests and activities?  How can you become truly serious and enact genuine initiative when you take your present spurious, superficial seriousness and initiative to be the real thing?  Your imaginary progress is blocking your real progress.


You are being set face-to-face with your Divine sleep, your hypnotic ignorance of wandering in human life and merely adding a superficial egomaniac or false spirituality to your pleasures and struggles, your work and personal conflicts.  The truth of what you are really doing and failing to do has to be fully looked at with absolute Self-honesty on the truly Divine level of existence.  See that you have not really done this yet and it will begin to Self-activate.  As long as you accept your false spirituality, your true spirituality cannot get started.  As long as you make excuses for your falseness and pretence, the True and Authentic cannot wake up and unfold Divine powers and realizations, which means you will just grow old and die yet again to be an easily discarded and forgotten person who never really inspired or uplifted anyone.


These issues about the quality and depth of seriousness, of aspiration and initiative, are not going to go away.  You can hide from the Sadguru, the true teacher, life after life, but you cannot hide from your Godself.  You can play self-deceptive games with a Sadguru or true teacher life after life, but you cannot deceive your own Godself.  You know you are not yet serious where it counts!  You know your aspiration, initiative and inquiry into spiritual truth are pitiful, weak and superficial!  You have no true spiritual center awake in your being, no true spiritual path to follow and develop.


You need the direct inner awakening and activation of your Godself.  All other considerations are totally secondary.  Your usual bullshit you feed yourself and others is just postponing the central issue.  Your usual pursuits, hobbies and endeavors are nothing but a Self-deceptive farce.  They have spiritual failure and death written all over them.