The Possibility That Padma Sambhava
Is An Aurobindo Supramental Death Defier

by Rudra Chakrin

The Physical Immortality Concept  


These days, all sorts of people are intaking HGH and other sorts of things to achieve longevity and sexual rejuvenation, so the concept of actual physical immortality is a huge New Age issue in the face of a global deteriorating environment.  Therefore, extensive speculation on the possible residence on Earth of secret physical immortals is increasing as to their possible identifications and even how and where to locate such superhuman achievers to obtain their help.


This entire possibility is also confused by the many schools and traditions on the planet where occult adepts learn to materialize their Etheric Energy Double and function for periods of time as an apparently virtual physical person, even after the death of their outer physical body.  Adepts and Sorcerers who can do this are often treated as one and the same as a genuine physical immortal, but it is not the same thing.  In the book, Autobiography of a Yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda describes meeting with a materialized double of his Guru, Sri Yukteshwar, after the death of the physical body of that Adept, Siddha, his Guru.  Sri Yukteshwar gives Yogananda an inspiring lecture on the inner planes and worlds of existence, then he dematerializes his quasi-physical body.  A modern writer, Martin Goodman, in his book, I was Carlos Castaneda, gives a credible account of an encounter at his home in the Pyrenees Mountains with a materialized Etheric Energy Body of Carlos Castaneda after the physical death of Carlos Castaneda in America.  Most people think Martin Goodman just made up the story to get even with Mother Meera for condemning his homosexuality, but it could be a true story in the light that Carlos Castaneda had received occult training in learning to control and consolidate his Etheric Energy Double.


There is, in spite of the actual and possible materializations of occult Adepts, the evidence of truly biological, physical Immortals dwelling in hidden, secluded places on Earth.  In the book Maharaj by T.S. Anantha Murthy, we read how Tapasviji Maharaj, who himself extended his life to 185 years, encountered a genuine Physical Immortal, Dwivedi, who had been living on cow’s milk and soma for five-thousand-years.  I myself have read obscure articles on Ancient Vedic religion by Dwivedi Somanath (Somanath means “Master of Soma”).  In the Tibetan legends of Shambhala, it is reported that in ancient times the teachings of Shambhala were updated by an infusion of teachings by Somanath who had been preserving them for the right time.


Now, for our present purpose, the possibility that Padma Sambhava is a real physical immortal in addition to being a world champion Etheric Energy Double materializer known in Tula, Mexico among certain Nagual Adepts as “The Death Defier”  is very strong.  But what connection The Death Defier might maintain with Dwivedi Somanath or other Physical Immortals is unknown.


For the vast majority of ordinary mortals on Earth, these very issues and possibilities are off their cognitive map or Reality Model even when they adhere enthusiastically to this or that occult or spiritual school of thought and praxis.  We are going to go into this problem at length in this article, at least in some of the more prominent contemporary areas.



Castaneda Freaks Do Not Like Padma

Sambhava As The Death Defier


When we look at the Castaneda Freaks, we know that their center of gravity is that of being personal power mongers as Tonals, Social Selves, who want to show off as independent experts on “Nagual” obsessions.  Their hero is Don Juan Matus, the Teacher of Carlos Castaneda.  Juan Matus did not like the Death Defier, who he considered to be a sort of aberrated, indulgent and tricky individual who was not to be trusted.  For the ordinary Naguals, the aim of Nagual Seership is to first learn to materialize the Etheric Energy Double, which seems to make the biological, physical body redundant, and then, at the right time, drop the physical body by “burning with the Fire-From-Within”.  And one should note here that South India Siddha-adepts have a similar tradition of burning up the physical body with Kundalini Fire, and, sometimes also turning it into a Shiva Linga.  Yogi caves in South India often have many of these Yogi Adept bodies there that were left as reduced-to-Lingams after burning with Kundalini Fire.  At any rate, Juan Matus obviously did not aspire to learn from The Death Defier how to be a death defier.  Hence, Castaneda Freaks do not generally aspire to become like the Death Defier.  So they concentrate on their Magical Passes exercises and wear funny looks on their faces as if they are becoming powerful and important.  As for understanding Padma Sambhava and the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, that just represents the rival cult of Chögyam Trungpa for the most part in their minds.



Chögyam Trungpa Freaks Do Not

Like Padma Sambhava As The Death Defier


Even Chögyam Trungpa admitted that Padma Sambhava was probably still alive and operating somewhere in Latin America.  But he also disparaged the idea of seekers attempting to connect with whatever kind of individual Padma Sambhava has made himself into lately in Latin America. Chögyam Trungpa Freaks were taught to concentrate on their emotions and avoid serious issues that transcend petty, dogmatic identification with Tibetan teachings and culture.  Any fully serious investigation of Nagual Seership and the Death Defier was discouraged as a failure of commitment to the Tibetan Way.  In fact, Chögyam Trungpa put out that he himself was such a powerful tantric Vajrayana Adept of Crazy Wisdom, that to seek Padma Sambhava would be utterly useless and irrelevant.  He even bragged that he, Chögyam Trungpa, was a virtual Padma Sambhava in bringing the Tibetan Buddhism to America just as Padma Sambhava brought it to Tibet.  But Chögyam Trungpa could not ride a pregnant tigress or perform similar miracles as Padma Sambhava routinely performed in Tibet that really wowed and impressed the Tibetan people into accepting Padma Sambhava’s Buddhist teachings.  The Chögyam Trungpa Cult is based on Americans simply wanting an impressively exotic Tibetan Guru Figure who could eliminate the intellectual torture of a wider search for spiritual truth.  He gave popular lectures that did not require Adept Performances of a real Padma Sambhava.


The Tibetans themselves are also trying to survive in the world as a special, occult refugee culture that does not need anything like Nagual Seership rooted in the Toltec culture of Ancient Mexico.  For them, their collective tonal or group of Flyers on their backs, cannot handle the idea that The Death Defier is an extremely important figure fused with Guru Rinpoche, Padma Sambhava.


Chögyam Trungpa Freaks and Castaneda Freaks will not agree to understand each other or this article.  They cannot process global occult information or spiritual truth.  Hence they will not become Physical Immortals.  They will just carry-on in their social aspirations until they are dead and forgotten.



Aurobindo Adherents Do Not Want

To Know About Padma Sambhava

Nor The Death Defier


Aurobindo proposed a new, World First, Divine Supramental Transformation of the actual physical bodies of Yogis who would follow his Integral Yoga, which was to avoid the usual Ancient Yogas, use of Mantra and Pranayama breathing, as well as Kundalini Yoga.  Everybody at his ashram were to take his lead of getting the job done through sheer causal idealism.  He would sit in his chair day and night believing that his causal idealism was a thing of Divine Power.  He refused to perform any Yogas or exercises that might have helped him pull the thing off, so he just grew old and rotted himself to death with a stiff leg because he did not want to give up his personal dogma of “superceding all the old Yogas in order to produce the World First Supramental Human”.


When he died of old age in his chair, his causal idealism having failed, the ashram adherents were quite disturbed, but Aurobindo’s successor, Auro-Mother (whom they called “Sweet Mother”) settled them down that everything was fine and that Aurobindo’s Divine Will as the Integral Avatar was to simply focus the right causal ideal for Humanity and that He was leaving it to Her (and others unnamed) to carry out the production of the First Supramental Human through steadfast application of the Aurobindo Integral Yoga of causal idealism.  It seems that the Great Thing was supposed to be successfully realized through sheer belief plus faith in Sweet Mother.  I still remember as a young man in America writing a letter to Auro-Mother to ask her to discuss the nature of Aurobindo’s failure and how the Supramentalization was now supposed to succeed because I thought it really was a Great Idea.  M.P. Pandit wrote me back a very friendly and encouraging letter pointing out that The Mother does not do correspondence.  He conveyed to me that he and the other Aurobindo people were utterly convinced they were in the Ultimate Yoga.  As to Auro-Mother becoming the World First Supramental Human, his words to me were, “She is going to do it”.


Later on, when I heard in the news that Auro-Mother had died, I was not surprised.  Later when I read Sat Prem’s books about Auro-Mother’s sadhana or Yoga-for-Supramentalization efforts, I noticed that she had violated Aurobindo’s Teachings by breaking down and utilizing a mantra to “saturate the cells with the Supramental Force”.  Now she was in Kundalini Yoga territory and had a real shot at a spiritual transformation of the body even in her old age!  Now she was using her intelligence beyond dogmatic idealism!  S.R. Basu points out the success of Kundalini Yogis since ancient times in cellular transformation in his treatment of the Life of the Great Kundalini Yogi, Vijayakrisna Goswami:


 “A sense of burning heat is not the only accompaniment of the Sādhana.  When success in the initial stage of the Sādhana is accomplished, i.e., when the flow of Name becomes spontaneous like normal respiration in every nerve and artery of the body, the Sādhaka is affected and there is a free circulation of Name along all the intra-organic channels.  In consequence of continued Nāmasādhana there is also an increased tendency of physical shrinking of the members and organs of the bodily system.  Hands, legs, ears, eyes, nose etc. are forcibly drawn within just like the limbs of the body of a tortoise.  The Sādhaka at this stage has specially to be on his guard and he must never think of giving up the practice which would be disastrous.  In consequence of this shrinking tendency all the limbs including hands and legs and the body may be converted into the form of a jelly fish or in some cases the effect may be different in character.  In such cases which represent the action of Name not only in the bodily limbs but in the bones, marrow etc. as well, all the joints of the hands, legs and knees become loose and hands and legs become elongated.  In extreme cases these and even the head may become separate from the body for a while and then the separated parts join together and form the original body in its entirety.  Vijayakrisna says that he had a personal experience of this fact.”


Auro-Mother began to get some results!  Like any Adept Yogi, she would have natural samadhi-periods when she did not need to breathe.  I know this personally, for I myself have had such non-breathing times.  I even gave my wife specific instructions to never believe I am dead or get my body buried, because it is just samadhi of a kind.  I remember once when she did get in a big panic that I wasn’t breathing.  Well, the people at Aurobindo Ashram had no such instruction.  In fact, they were so anxious to pronounce her dead at the first opportunity that they kicked Sat Prem out of her room during the “last days” as it were.  When she stopped breathing, the stupid, ignorant doctors declared her “officially dead” (no heartbeat or pulse! But I have walked across the prairie in Wyoming without a heartbeat or pulse!)  They buried Auro-Mother alive.  But wait for it!:  The assholes at Self-Realization Fellowship in Los Angeles buried the great Kriya Yogi, Paramahansa Yogananda alive under similar circumstances!  Yogis who have failed to properly educate their followers have been in extreme danger.


Now Sat Prem is “trying to do it”, again, as a “World First”, though he has speculated that there might be some contemporary secret Yogi somewhere who will be the “World First Supramental Human”.  Due to his unbelievable ignorance, he knows nothing about the Supramental Life of Padma Sambhava (or) The Death Defier.  He also obviously knows nothing about Dwivedi Somanath.  So, not only will Aurobindo followers fail to research Padma Sambhava as a Supramental Death Defier, but even people into Sat Prem will have a tough time grasping the significance.



Mother Meera Hasn’t Got A Clue

About Padma Sambhava (Or) The Death Defier


As an angelic, non-human “Avatar” without a real Causal Intellect or natural human Buddhi, Mother Meera’s Aurobindo Programming she received from Venkat Reddy did not include anything about Sat Prem, Auro-Mother being buried alive, the significance of Padma Sambhava or what happened to Carlos Castaneda with The Death Defier.  She probably also avoids reading Martin Goodman’s book, I Was Carlos Castaneda especially because of his “evil” book about her.  Consequentially, her followers haven’t got a clue about all this and will not want one.  But that is O.K. because they are not mature enough for full-blown Kundalini Kriya Yoga or the emergence of Supramental Physical Immortality.  They also do not want to know what went wrong with Aurobindo’s failure of Causal Idealism and his ignorance of the Tibetan Vajrayana tradition and Padma Sambhava.


Mother Meera Freaks as such are hardly different in essence from Castaneda Freaks or Chögyam Trungpa Freaks.  In fact, they resemble the “darshan freaks” who cling to Guru Sant Ji Maharaj or the old Muktananda “Shaktipat Intensives” people with his successor, Malti.  People who rely on being personally blessed or energized by a Great Person are like someone who imagines that if two pain-killers stop their migraine, a whole bottle would make them immortal.  Of course they wonder why they eventually “burn out” on energizations and do not get the “high experiences” they used to get at first.  Personal Blessings at the right times can be indispensable, but reliance on “Blessings” coupled with dependency on a Cult Figure is a deadend road.



The Sufis Avoid Padma Sambhava

The Death Defier And Other Immortals

Like The Plague


Idries Shah trained his Western followers to only focus on one Physical Immortal: Khizr Elias, the Green One.  So stories of encounters of that great immortal with Sufis are sprinkled throughout Shah’s books.  The zealous followers are to concentrate on Khizr as the sole subject of the issue of Physical Immortality.  Any other Immortal represents disloyalty and distraction, a “dilution of The Teaching” that “confuses the seeker” and “disrupts the development”.  Of course, Khizr Elias has been known throughout Europe for hundreds of years as The Wandering Jew.  In the corpus of literature on that remarkable figure there are both real reports of encounters and huge fanciful novels with The Wandering Jew as the main figure.  George Sylvester Vierek’s novel, My First Two Thousand Years thoroughly examines the possible psychological development of a physical immortal, which is well worth a read for anyone aspiring to Physical Immortality.  Idries Shah’s little stories of Sufi encounters with Khizr are indeed instructive and enriching for all seekers of higher contact with Ultraterrestrial People.


Idries Shah Freaks have the same cognitive limitations of Castaneda Freaks, Chögyam Trungpa Freaks and other exclusivistic True Believers as described by Eric Hoffer in his famous book.  So the Sufis cannot help us much in dealing with the significant issues of Physical Immortality.


But they are not separate from the Babaji Freaks who are clinging to Herakhan Baba Gorakhnath as the only materializing Immortal worthy of interest on Earth.  They did not want to know about Matsyendranath/Melchizedeck or the fifty-thousand years old Agastya Muni of South India and Sirius B.  I tried to introduce the greater scope of all this to some of them, but they thought I was “attacking” and failing to concentrate exclusively on Babaji.  Of course Babaji has reincarnated as my physical son, but no New Ager I have told about this in the past could see it inside or give it credibility, because that would mean recognizing me, which would mean really trying to understand the Greater Truth Pattern I have often tried to transmit on this ignorant and insane planet.



The Eight Taoist Immortals Are

Generally Of Zero Interest In The

West For Some Reason


Interestingly, the Eight Taoist Immortals are:


1.     Chung-li K’uan, the first and greatest, is said to have discovered the Elixir of Life.  His symbol is the peach, an emblem of longevity.  He is also depicted as carrying a fan with which he could revive the dead.


2.      Chung Kwoh-Lao.  A recluse with mystic powers.  He is said to have had a mule that could carry him a thousand miles in a day, which he could fold up like a piece of paper and put in his wallet.  When again required he had simply to sprinkle it with water and it resumed its normal proportions.  His symbols are a musical instrument made of bamboo, called the Yu Ku, and the feather of the Phoenix, the bird of immortality.


3.       Lu Tung-pin.  A Taoist scholar and recluse, who received the secret of immortality from Chung-li K’uan.  During his probation he is described as having to undergo ten temptations, upon the overthrowing of which he was given a sword possessing super-natural powers.  With this he rid the country of dragons and other monsters that infested it.  His symbols are the sword and the Taoist fly-brush.


4.      Ts’ao Kuo-chiu.  A military commander who turned hermit.  Once when meditating, the wall of his cave was rent asunder, disclosing a casket of jade containing a scroll upon which were written the secrets of immortality and the transmutation of metals.  As he followed the instructions given therein the cave became filled with luminous clouds out of which came a stork, upon whose back he was transported to the Happy Land of Immortality.  He is the patron saint of the drama, and his symbols are a pair of castanets and a feather fan.


5.      Li T’ieh-Kuai.  A beggar with a crutch.  He is said to have been a disciple of Lao-Tsze, who summoned him to Heaven, instructing him to leave his body in the care of a pupil.  During his absence the pupil was summoned to the bedside of his dying mother, and the body in his charge, being considered dead, was consigned to the flames.  Li T’ieh-Kuai, on returning, found only a heap of ashes, so he entered the body of a beggar who had just died and in this he continued his life.  His symbols are a pilgrim’s gourd, containing magical medicines with which he healed many of the sick, and a crab.  He is sometimes represented as accompanied by a deer.  He is the patron saint of apothecaries.


6.       Han Hsang-tsze.  Scholar, poet and student of transcendental lore.  He is said to have been able to make flowers grow before the eyes of the beholders.  He was a pupil of Lu Tung-pin, and was instructed by him to climb a peach tree, whereupon he fell from its branches and became immortal.  He is the patron saint of musicians, and his symbol is the flute, which he is usually represented as playing.


7.       Lan Ts’ai-ho.  A woman, who was a strolling singer and whose songs told about the unreality of this fleeting life and the delusiveness of earthly pleasures.  She was dressed in a blue robe and wore only one shoe.  At the end of her earthly life she disappeared into a cloud.  Her symbol is a basket of flowers, and she is the patron saint of florists.


8.      Ho Hsien-Ku.  Called the Immortal Maiden.  In a vision she was instructed that if she ate mother-of-pearl she would gradually become immortal.  She lived in the mountains and became more and more ethereal, floating from peak to peak.  At last, dispensing with earthly food, she attained her quest.  Her symbol is the lotus, the flower of open-heartedness.


There is a wonderful old American movie, based on Chung Kwoh-Lao called The Seven Faces Of Doctor Lao, which is based on a great old novel by the same name.  Anyone trying to understand the function of my own multiple identity Websites should study that old movie and try working with the idea that it all functions as a Cyber Circus of Doctor Lao.



Where Do We Go From Here?


If we aspire to Physical Immortality, we should approach the subject without any form of cultural or traditional prejudice.  We must have a truly open mind of serious research.


The next point, which is even more important, is that no human being is going to attain Supramental Immortality without direct awakening of Godself on the Divine Plane of Existence, which is the same as Turiya Samadhi in Vedanta or Kashmir Shaivism.  You must advance in evolution from being a Self with three bodies to being a Supreme Self with four bodies.  It will not matter below Godself Awakening what miracle pills or elixirs you take or what other health measures you pursue with New Age enthusiasm.


Also remember:  all three of your usual bodies have to be detoxified to become Dharmakaya, Sambhogakaya and Nirmanakaya as in Tibetan Vajrayana.  Then does the highest body, the Supracausal, become three-in-one Vajrakaya, Diamond Body.