The Twenty-Four Personal Powers
Of Naguals and Siddhas

by The Inheritor

It is not only Naguals of Mexico who have impressive unusual personal powers; such personal powers have been routinely possessed since ancient times in India and Tibet, where they are called Siddhi(s) and have been generally catalogued as twenty-four in number.  A developed Nagual in the East, whether Hindu or Buddhist, is known as a Siddha.  Some Siddhas have been known to have a range of miraculous abilities greater than anything demonstrated by Carlos Castaneda’s teachers or benefactors (except, of course, the Death Defier).  Of course, most Castaneda freaks are unfamiliar with real and deep Siddhapatha, Path of the Siddha(s) and only know about the crude, aberrated and incomplete manifestations of Swami Muktananda.


The Tonal, the Social Self, often wants to get Personal Powers, Siddhis, to show off for fame, money and sex, which is what happened to both Carlos Castaneda and Swami Muktananda, leading to their downfall, degeneration and premature death.  When the Tonal, the Social Self, appropriates things of the Nagual, the Spirit Self, for Tonal purposes, it most definitely disrupts and stunts the development of the Nagual.  It is for this reason that one can easily observe that both Castaneda’s teacher, Nagual Juan Matus, and Muktananda’s Guru, Siddha Nityanand Avadhoot, were much more advanced and highly developed beings.


One reason to look deeply and carefully at the full list of Siddhi(s) or personal powers of a Nagual or Siddha, is to learn to better recognize them (or the lack of them) in persons reputed to be advanced spiritual teachers, benefactors or Sadguru(s).  It also gives a bit of a roadmap in one’s own development so as to not overestimate or even underestimate where one has gotten to.


At the present time there are all sorts of people claiming or hinting that they have all twenty-four siddhi(s) or personal powers who have never seen or meditated on all of them or worked-out their implications, which are quite vast, in regard to human evolution on Earth and even on other planets in our own Galaxy.  Castaneda freaks and self-appointed experts on Nagualism invariably do not have a clue about the Big Picture of higher human development, taking their beginning in all this to be a great consummation, a great ending, which the Tibetans call Dzog Chen, Maha Ati.


Here are the Twenty-Four Siddhis for the education of the earnest and self-honest seeker of higher human development beyond the usual ambitions and frustrations of the Tonal or Social Self:


1.     Anima: The cognitive power to see into a single atom and explore the atomic microcosm or to place yourself in a single cell and know the Brahmanda Cellular Omniverse and the Mind of the Cells as explained by Sat Prem about Auro-Mother.


2.   Mahima: The cognitive power of Cosmic Consciousness to see and visualize our entire twelvefold Timespace Universe or to see the Egg of Brahman, Omniverse of the Tao or Supreme Cell of Liquid Space.


3.   Laghima: The power of levitation of the physical body; ability to physically fly or to do Tibetan Lung-Ta Running.  Also to move objects with the mind.


4.    Vashita: The power to materialize food or drink, to be independent of the world and insane society for taking care of material needs.  Even a house or car can be produced out of thin air.  The same with any money or ID or passports.  A Siddha with Vashita Siddhi is out of control of governments, big business or petty-minded communities.


5.   Anumitwa: The power of freedom from hunger or thirst or exhaustion.  An Anumitwa Siddha can go endlessly without sleeping, drinking or eating, pissing or excreting, and is no longer a personal slave to these physical bodily functions, but can turn them off or on at will.


6.   Manojay: Is the ability to move the physical body at the speed of thought.  The body can appear in any visualized place instantly in any known timespace location.  This Manojay Siddha becomes a Kala Bhairava, Time-Spanner, after extensive practice.  The Bird-People of our Milky Way Galaxy are natural Manojay Siddha(s).


7.     Kamroop: This is the ability to give the body any form and function the Siddha likes for communion or enjoyment.  It is the ability to mutate at will.  The Cronenberg movie Nightbreed depicts this Siddhi in a horrifying but fascinating manner.


8.   Swacchand Mrityu: This is the ability to simulate death in a deep trance through cessation of breathing and heartbeat.  It also gives the ability to die at the time of one’s own choosing.  It also gives the ability to do “astral traveling”, “lucid dreaming”, going about in the subtle realm consciously, and then return to the entranced or sleeping body when one chooses.  The realm of dreams and death is completely available to the Swacchand Mrityu Siddha.


9.   Adwandwata: This siddhi gives the body freedom from the effects of heat and cold.  The Awandwata Siddha can gain complete personal privacy when needed by staying in extremely hot or cold locations where ordinary stupid, boring, neurotic and vicious people cannot comfortably stay.


10.  Prapti: This is unlimited cognitive extension.  The Prapti Siddha can see the real physical architectures of material existence on any level of existence without the cognitive limitations of his body he is centered in at the time.  He can see, for instance, through an Earthly physical body, wavelengths like infrared, ultraviolet, x-rays or nuclear radiation, just for starters.  He can see the actual way the human brain projects an external world of sights and sounds that are organically subjective.  He can have all the truly objective perception he likes or needs.  He is not a prisoner of sense-limitations.


11.   Prakashya: The ability to inwardly, mentally know or illuminate whatever is happening anywhere in the world in any situation, or whatever is happening in any other alien worlds outside the Earth.  No people anywhere can hide what they are doing from the Prakashya Siddha.


12. Dur Shravan: The power of clairaudience — the ability to hear from afar. 


13. Dur Darshan: This is clairvoyance, or subtle seeing with the Third Eye, scenes of past, present or even sometimes the future of what the Dur Darshan Siddha has no direct physical perception of.


14. Devkreeda Darshan: The ability to see angels, demons or inorganic beings, as well as the ability to leave his physical body and use his energy body to visit the realms of involutionary, inorganic beings as reported by Carlos Castaneda in his book, The Art of Dreaming.  This is a dangerous siddhi because the Devkreeda Darshan Siddha can become voluntarily trapped in an Inorganic Involutionary realm, which slowly disintegrates one’s causal body and puts one backward in evolution.  All magicians rely heavily on this Siddhi for their trips on the Backward Downward Path of the Tunnels of Set or turning the body into an animal.


15. Yathasamkalpa: The power to get anything one wishes for, whether as a whim or some special need, such as a rare hard-to-find object.  A Yathasamkalpa Siddha becomes a little like a dragon sitting on a secret treasure of unusual and prized things, books, etc.


16. Trikaldarshitwa: The causal ability to look into any karmic structure of Time and Destiny of individuals or collective peoples.  This Siddha is a Grand Prophet and an Ultimate Historian.


17.  Kamavasaita: This power can make anything the way one wants.  The power of the Self-determination of a Kamavasaita Siddha is impossible by ordinary, undeveloped people to thwart.  His righteous designs and plans cannot be changed or distorted by pompous, neurotic idiots.


18.  Prakamya: This means no ordinary obstacles can stop one from using something or going somewhere as needed.  A broken vehicle mysteriously works.  Fire or flood do not stop the Prakamya Siddha.  No prison or cell can contain this body.  He can walk through walls.


19. Agnyadistambhan: The ability to command the elements.  The Agnyadistambhan Siddha can transmute anything.  He can turn water into wine or human blood into wine or human piss into lemonade, lead into gold, poison into nectar.  He can turn New World Order GM food into pure organic food or turn their private organic food into smelly shit.


20. Parkay Pravesh: The power to enter another human body (that another soul has vacated for some reason) and use it for awhile as one’s own.  Gorakhnath for instance took up another body for awhile in this way at Herakhan and became Herakhan Baba there.  The same took place in Gujarat by Dadaji Lakulish.  This kind of thing is also depicted in the movie, Meet Joe Black.


21.  Agnya Pratihata Gati: This means one’s command is nowhere refused by ordinary mechanical minds.  This is depicted in the movie Dune where the Reverend Mother of Paul Atreides used “The Voice” or in the movie Star Wars where the Jedi just tells a weakminded soldier of the Empire to let the Jedi and companions pass through somewhere.


22. Parichitabhignta: The power of mind-reading and telepathy.  This siddhi enables one to learn mentally through communion at a distance from an advanced Sufi, a Siddha Guru or even a Deity.  An advanced Siddha Ultraterrestrial or Siddha Extraterrestrial will sometimes teach or transmit something in some way through a chosen telepathic human “channel”.  The Parichitabhignta Siddha can also understand the language of birds and animals.


23.  Apapajay: This is the personal power of always being as popular, magnetic, welcome and respected as one chooses to be.


24. Kriya-Shakti  is also itself a Grand Power or Mahasiddhi called Durshita which enables one to materialize a magic castle, a hidden valley full of cottages, or even a moon or planet.  The seed-syllable Sree is all-fulfilling, giving wealth, health and the coming true of good visions.