Exploring The Lineage
Of The New Seers
by The Inheritor

The other day I was brooding with profound sadness, as I sometimes do, that so many remarkable individuals, Naguals and their parties, in the lineage of the New Seers in Mexico, coming from Don Sebastian down to Don Elias and Don Julian, are unknown.  It is a lost treasure of untold stories of transactions of the Spirit!  It is like a vast library of hundreds of Carlos Castaneda books that never got written.


All these considerations were mounting up within me, when suddenly in the early afternoon I went through my long-developed Energetic Gateway of movement of my assemblage point, which is like a line extending into infinity, as all Naguals know very well.  It was then that I noticed a very thick multiple blue line shooting out at forty-five degrees from the Earth.  So I aligned my movement to that bigger line to see what was in it.  And there it was: The actual lineage of the New Seers as it really is in its real dimensions.  The faces and present high energetic situations of the Third Attention were floating there, all up and down that amazing time-line, which was culminated or curled in on itself at the upper end as something like a tiny blue satellite of the body of Eagle.


As I contemplated the overall situation of these unusual interconnected conscious and semi-liberated Nagual People, I felt particularly attracted to one particular Nagual person, so I entered into her space.  She told me that she was an old Nagual Woman of the early Nineteenth Century (the early 1800’s).  What was unusual about her was that of her party, she was the actual leader rather than her husband, the Nagual.  She was clearly the strongest lady Nagual of the entire lineage.  So it was incredibly fascinating to personally meet her and get her perspective on all this.


She has a rather round and angelic face of an elderly Mexican woman.  She said her name was Maria and that the members of her Nagual Party jokingly referred to her as The Non-Virgin Mary!  Her radiant character was something like a cross between The Oracle Lady in the movie, “Matrix”, and Dona Soledad Celestina as described by both Carlos Castaneda and Merilyn Tunneshende.


Nagual Maria, strictly speaking, is neither dead nor alive.  She is in the highly energetic space of a crystallized individuality on the abstract plane of Causality, of Time and Space, where things are thoughts and thoughts are things.  I am sitting with her in her own Mexican kitchen where we sit together at her old table, as she would often do on Earth, looking together out her window on Eternity, again, as she would so often do on Earth.  In fact, every item in her quasi-kitchen was what she would call “a piece of Eternity”.  She had hammered her apprentices in her kitchen on Earth over and over again that we are all surrounded by Eternity and that each and every object in our world is “a piece of Eternity”.  The more clearly and deeply an apprentice would see this there in Nagual Maria’s kitchen, the more they would “see Eternity” and enter into the Third Attention with the initial beginning of Burning-With-The-Fire-From-Within, but not as the final Definitive Journey.


I asked her how she felt about being forgotten by people on Earth and even her own Nagual descendants further down the blue line of the Lineage of New Seers.  She said, “It is not important because perfect memories of us all are held in the consciousness of the Death Defier.  Each of us is like a pearl on a necklace that the Death Defier wears around his neck.  With Carlos Castaneda the lineage ended as it began.  He is like the knot in the string rather than another pearl in the chain.  There was another like Carlos in the previous line of Old Seers the Death Defier was working with.  He is like an ancient young woman with many of these lineages he has strung like her jewelry.  You see, when someone is a knot that ends a lineage, there is no succession, but instead there is just a frayed end sticking out of the knot composed of hundreds or even thousands of generally inspired and slightly energized but useless and undeveloped people who cannot make it to Eternity, who cannot Burn-With-The-Fire-From-Within.”


I then noticed the Death Defier standing there in the kitchen in his male form as Padma Sambhava.  He then took off a necklace of blue pearls and handed it to me, saying, “Here is the Line of New Seers from Don Sebastian to Don Juan Matus.  You are indeed the Inheritor because of your deeply profound sadness of wanting to recollect these wonderful, remarkable people.  Let us say that I am giving you this lineage on loan to see what you can do with them to take them farther without their having to fall into the other five Bardos.  As you can see, Maria here, maybe more than any other Nagual of their Line is very permanently established in the launching pad of the Third Attention in the Bardo of the Happy Gods.”


I then turned to Nagual Maria and asked her if she understood what we were talking about, whereupon she said, “It is a wondrous thing in a Universe of wonders.  As I look out contentedly on Eternity in the endless twilight, I always feel a beckoning to something or someone beyond Eternity, yet I am in a sense frozen here in Time, for whenever I feel to take a step beyond Eternity, an abyss opens up like a vortex leading to a womb on the Earth where I would have to start all over just to reach here where I am again.  No matter how timelessly long I ponder my predicament, the conclusion is always that I intend to continue as I am to prevent further painful and futile struggles that lead nowhere but to where I already am.  Do you see this?”


I then said,

 “Why don’t you ask the Death Defier to help you become like him on the Earth?  Perhaps there is a descent below that is paradoxically the way beyond where you are.”


We then both turned to the Death Defier, who smiling, said to us, “I am Eternity.  That is my name, Eternal Spring.  To go beyond Me you have to go through Me.  I am therefore a barrier and a gateway, as is my apprentice, the Nagual Inheritor here.  If you will courageously descend into a womb on Earth, We will find you and help you.  Many are scattered throughout the Earth who are working on this new project.  If you will bring your present realization down into the flesh of the human body and thus transform that body into a flexible superbody like mine, you will gain possession of the ultimate secret beyond Eternity, which is what you have always yearned for in your most high Spirit deep within you.  Beyond your present happiness of being a prisoner-of-Power is the greater bliss of being Power, being Eternity.”


I then asked the Teacher what I should do next about all this and He/She said, “Keep up the good work!”  Hence, this article, which I know the right person will occasionally show up and read as that one-in-a-thousand of visitors to this website.


For me, the Nagual Maria will always be there in her virtual kitchen like astronaut David Bowman in his materialized manor house at the end of 2001 Space Odyssey.  I have a great affection for her, so I await her descent into the world with keen interest.  As for my Teacher, the Death Defier, Padma Sambhava, I recently saw him with the Apus in Peru, but that is another Energetic Episode, perhaps for some future article here.


Would you like to know what I am really like as a person?  Picture a fusion of Don Elias and the Madman of Tsang.  It is always rather exhilarating to be blatantly evasive.