Six Kinds of Flyer
by The Inheritor

There are six (6) kinds of Voladero, Flyer, Mud Shadow or Normalcy Spectre that possess and control the ordinary mass-hypnotized and conditioned human mind.  Each of the six types of Flyers are laid out nicely in Chögyam Trungpa’s two books, The Myth of Freedom and Transcending Madness.  Therefore, if the Tibetan teachings on the Six Bardo States of the human mind are carefully studied with the Nagual teaching on the Flyers (Voladeros) in the chapter, The Mud Shadows, in Castaneda’s book, The Active Side of Infinity, you will have the perfect psychological tool for cutting through the ordinary, all-pervasive lies and illusions of the mechanical social self of yourself and others, both in everyday life and on the Web.


There are six types of Flyer-controlled Bardo-dwellers in Life and in Death:

1.     The Happy Gods

2.     The Jealous Gods

3.     The Humans

4.     The Animals

5.     The Hungry Ghosts

6.     The Haters in Hell


If you will learn to become a direct Nagual Seer of the Flyers and a Naljorpa Perceiver of Bardo Mentalities, you will cure yourself of the dullness and insanity of being normal.  You will no longer be an exclusive adherent of a culture-bound spiritual path nor a gullible member of a cult, religion, society or Nation State.  You will see how your own mind and thinking have never really been yours throughout your life.  You will see how you were programmed into being an Agent of Normalcy, a Flyer-ridden biological robot.  You will see why two-thirds (66.6%) of humanity and its leaders are subhuman assholes with nothing truly evolutionary going on in their lives.  You will see that they are Unreal People who are empty and have no genuine “Free Will” or “Decision Making” at all.  You will also rightly lose your New Age Faith that large numbers of people are on the verge of a big “Spiritual Awakening” like in Marilyn Ferguson’s, The Aquarian Conspiracy or James Redfield’s, The Celestine Prophecy.  You will see why David Icke considers people like Olmert, Kissinger, Cheney, Bush, Brown, Sarcozy, Merkle and other world leaders to be nothing but demonically possessed puppets of evil-minded reptilian spirits who promote child-sacrifices, human blood drinking and the wanton torture of innocent Muslims they have captured to manipulate the public.  In fact, you will even see how Icke himself remains a Flyer-controlled Social Ego in spite of his knowledge and revelations about the black side of modern governments.  You will see why “Freedom” and “Democracy” are nothing but a farce in North America, Britain and Europe, just for starters.  You will see why the forces of Police State Surveillance and Control are irreversible without Divine Cosmic Intervention from beyond the Earth.  You will see why present Global Trends must not continue past 2012 A.D.  Why do you suppose that empty and stupid collective humanity continues to accept the unnatural floods and fires that are getting worse and worse?  If Normal is “Sane”, may we all hasten into “Insanity and Abnormality” to turn the shit around!  But we know that stupid, insane “normal” humans have no control of their own minds.  There will be no “mass awakening”!


Chögyam Trungpa never knew about the Flyers because he never learned to really see the problem and study it in the manner of Nagual Seers of Mexico.  And the Nagual Seers of Mexico never saw the Six Bardos and Six Kinds of Human Mind because they kept themselves ignorant through obsession with a narrow range of subtle developments.  In the New Shambhala Way we do not have to suffer from such limitations of local traditions and lineages.